On behalf of VETnework Australia and the Mentoring Australia’s Apprentices Project we wish to extend our sincere thanks to all of our project partners since the commencement of the Mentoring Australia’s Apprentices Project [MAAP] in 2012. Since inception the project has enjoyed great success from as far north as Bamaga and Thursday Island down to Hobart, and has supported over 1500 Australian Apprentices and Trainees across Australia to date – all of which would have not been possible if not for the support, commitment and perseverance of our project partners throughout Australia.

Overall feedback from participants in MAAP strongly suggests that engagement in quality mentoring can significantly improve overall outcomes of Australian Apprentices and Trainees, including retention. In addition, the outcome of the mentoring has had broad-ranging positive effects for other employees (mentors), employers, and industry more broadly.

Funded through the Department of Industry under the Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Package MAAP will conclude in it’s current form on the 30th June, 2015. Active participants matched prior to the 30th June will continue to be honoured and supported until the 31st December 2015 or until the mentoring match completes the 20 hours of mentoring – whichever is sooner.

VETnetwork Australia will be providing fee for service mentoring support on an ongoing basis. This service has been devised due to the overwhelming feedback and support from many MAAP participants re the continued success of the program and its outcomes for young Australian Apprentices.

If you are interested or require more information, please contact Michelle Campbell, Executive Manager – Programs in the VETnetwork Australia National Office.

Michelle Campbell – P: (08) 8297 4533  |  M: 0411 044 766
E: michelle.campbell@vetnetwork.org.au


Letter for employers from the Australian Government.